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Salazar Announces Final Steps on Cobell Litigation and Implementation of Settlement

[November 26, 2012]


OIGA Announces 2012 Hall of Fame Award Winners

[August 22, 2012]


Sheila Morago Inducted into the Oklahoma Indian Hall of Fame

[August 21, 2012]


Laverdure Announces Listening Sessions Regarding Sacred Sites

[July 31, 2012]


Common Sense Indian Gambling Reform Act of 2008

[ March 10, 2008 ]
There are no cosponsors at this stage, and the bill was referred to the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.

Time Running Out For Class II Comments: March 9 Deadline!

[ March 5, 2008 ]

The National Indian Gaming Commission issued proposed regulations for Class II Technologic Aid Definitions, Classification, Technical Standards and Minimum Internal Control Standards. The proposed regulations were published on October 24, 2007 with an initial closing date 45 days later. The comment period has been extended twice. However, the NIGC has only given tribes a 38 day comment period. The NIGC published proposals stated that an economic impact report was “attached,” yet the economic impact report was not made public by NIGC until February 1, 2008. It is on these deficient proposals that the NIGC is attempting to force Indian tribes to comment on and make lasting policy decisions. The NIGC, however, has given no indication that it will provide a further extension of the comment period.

Congressmen Tom Cole and Dan Boren during the House Natural Resources Committee Field Hearing

[ February 20, 2008 ]

House Natural Resources Committee Field hearing on the Economic Impact of the Porposed Class II regulation changes in Miami Oklahoma (Photo Credit: Gary Crow Seneca-Cayuga Tribe).

NIGC Vice Chairman Norm DesRosiers during the February 20, 2007 House Natural Resources Committee Field Hearing

[ February 20, 2008 ]

The Economic Impact of the Proposed Class II regulation changes in Miami Oklahoma (Photo Credit: Gary Crow Seneca-Cayuga Tribe).

NIGC February 19th

[ February 20, 2008 ]


Congressional Field Hearing

[ February 12, 2008 ]

The House Natural Resources Committee, led by Chairman Nick J. Rahall (D-WV), will hold an oversight field hearing on “Oklahoma Indian Issues: Proposed Regulations Governing Economic Development.”

House Natural Resources Committee
Oversight Field Hearing on “Oklahoma Indian Issues: Proposed Regulations Governing Economic Development”

Wednesday, February 20, 2008, at 8:30 a.m.

Northeastern Oklahoma A & M College
Student Ballroom
200 I Street, NE
Miami, OK


OIGA Meeting following the Hearing
Buffalo Run Casino
Wednesday February 20, 2008 at 3:00 pm

Buffalo Run Casino
Wednesday, February 20, 2008 from 5 pm – 7 pm

Tribes could Lose big with rule changes

[ February 12, 2008 ]

News article by on how changes could affect tribes in Oklahoma.

Washington DC Visit

[ February 4, 2008 ]


Bringing the Troops home for the Holidays!

[ November 15, 2007 ]

It currently looks like we need about 30+ busses to transport the troops from Ft. Bliss to either Oklahoma City or Tulsa. To charter the busses, we are looking at approximately $7,000 to $8,000 per bus roundtrip. We are asking all the tribes to pull together to get the troops home for the holidays. All the soldiers are looking forward to spending the holidays with their families and we don’t want to disappoint any of them. If your tribe can even help with the cost of one bus, it will be greatly appreciated.

G2E is November 13th – 15th in Las Vegas, Nevada

[ October 29, 2007 ]

Update Upcoming Conference Call- information available soon.

October 30, 1:00 PM: OIGA Officer Elections

[ January 1, 2006 ]

Sheraton Oklahoma City (One North Broadway, Oklahoma City . OK). TRIBAL MEMBERS ONLY.