With the release of our second Statewide Economic Impact Report came a flurry of positive media coverage on our report and the far-reaching benefits that Tribal Government Gaming brings to our entire State, and as this report illustrates, rural areas in particular.

The Report was released in January, and we held a news conference. I’m pleased to tell you that we were covered by television, radio and print media from around the state, including the Associated Press, KFOR Channel 4, The Oklahoman, Territory OKC, OETA Channel 13, and others.

We’ve posted downloadable versions of this year’s report, and last year’s on our website, www.oiga.org. We encourage you to take a look. I hope it will make you feel as proud as I do.

Our focus has now shifted to our upcoming Conference & Trade Show, which will be back in Oklahoma City this year at the Cox Center downtown. Conference dates are July 24-26, and if you haven’t reserved your Trade Show booth, don’t delay.